Boat build phase - part2

Monday, 26 February 2024   12 min read

You can only live for so long on laughing cow, pot noodles, soup and beans on toast, the boat diet is good for losing weight but not for your wellbeing. I got lucky with the weather as winter was pretty mild up until late October but when it turned you certainly did feel the cold on the boat. You would have to be crazy to try and survive on a boat in winter without a stove or some form of heating.

Boat build phase - Part1

Monday, 19 February 2024   9 min read

Now I had a design and a half empty shell it was time to get work. The biggest problem with working on a boat is space, you are forever moving things and constantly tidying up. All the materials had to be orderd to arrive just in time for when they were needed as there is no space on the boat to store them. The remoteness of the marina and not having a car didn’t help, I wasted a lot of hours getting local buses to go hire a van or waiting on deliveries.

Boat design phase

Sunday, 11 February 2024   9 min read

I purposely bought a boat that needed work so that I could customise it to my needs and learn how everything works. The wooden interior was dated and gloomy, it only had 1 DC socket, no working AC (no fuse board or inverter), no hot water (water heater broken) and a rusted up stove with 1 radiator run off it. After 5 months of hardship and an ever decreasing bank balance whether that was a good idea is debatable…..

Hull and cabin

Wednesday, 31 January 2024   8 min read

When it comes to working with steel it is a bit outside my comfort zone so I got the professionals in to do the blacking of the hull and a few different things to the cabin shell.